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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Schedule

I had hoped for there to be a Tempts Fate update today, but holidays with the family has been hectic and (I'm not going to lie) loads of fun. Since my two boys will be away with family for Christmas Day (sniff), we've celebrated Christmas with them today. Presents, turkey, trying to put together the new toys, crumpled wrapping paper covering the entire livingroom... we did it all!

On Christmas eve, Danielle and I will go stay with her family for three days, making drawing impossible during that time, so the next Goblins update will be Monday, January 4th and Tempts Fate will update on Wednesday, December 30th.

Have a great holiday season and I'll see you next year and as always, thanks for reading!


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Double Panel Sneak Peek

There's a new sneak peek under the vote button. I've added text to the sneak peek that is not the actual text that will appear in the comic.

Also, I want to thank everyone who's been donating to Tempts Fate. THANK YOU! The last couple months have been... well, you know when your bills and income decide to have a foot race and the bills start to win? Yeah, that. I've gotten a couple emails lately asking what the minimum donation is and the answer is $1 (just because Paypal charges a bit for each donation so less than that starts to equal zero). If every Goblins reader donated a dollar, I could buy a house! Well, a small house, but you get the idea.

For the desktop picture that Tempts will win for everyone, should he survive, send me an email letting me know what you'd like it to be. :)

As always, thanks for reading.


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